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I have a lovable and devoted father in a P.R.Jothikumar who is a senior scientific officer at the Dept of Atomic Energy's Heavy Water Plant at Tuticorin. My mother C.Anuradha who is a qualified attorney, is a devoted house wife and a doting mother. I have a brother in Ganesh who is currently a freshman at Anna University, doing his bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I love him to death though, which is kind of funny now because before I left for college we were about at each other's throats.

Three more wonderful people i know

Three more people whom i love and admire are my maternal grandparents and uncle. My granpa M.Chidambaram was a doctor, but due to his piety he has reached the place of gods. My gradma, C.Bavani is a lovable woman whose patience and calmness often disarms many. My uncle C.Ramamoorthy is a probably the one person in the world whom i really admire. His sacrifice to our family and charming personality cannot be told in words. You'll be seeing them in the photo page.

People who mean a lot to me.....

Relationships are not only built on blood but also on love and affection. Bearing testimony to the above are a plethora of relatives and friends who mean a lot to me. You will be seeing more of them later.