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Why this page & for what ?
I'm sure that most of you who are viewing this page are quite well-to-do, which is why you have the resource to access the net. While you are having such advantages in life, there are millions who are not sure of their next meal, not to mention their knowledge of even the existence of the internet. There are orphans, deserted senior citizens, destitutes, diseased people around you. Their economically and financially deprived condition might or might not be their fault, but being a human being it happens to be your duty to help them. This page gives you certain links of organisations that are doing a tremendous job by helping the above mentioned people.

The most deprived are Children.
"Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man" - Rabindranath Tagore.
Yet millions of children are denied the simple joys of childhood, love, protection and so often life itself. Behind each statistic are the world's most precious resource - her children. But so little is known of what it means to be part of such horrific statistics - the frustrations, the pain, bewilderment, unfulfilled dreams that are the essence of their young lives. The child is the most deprived because, of the poverty and pain it has to face inspite of the pristine innocence it represents when it enters the world.

You too can contribute to build a better India.These ways may appear to be trivial but the effect it may have on the society will be enormous. Many of us have a habit of sending greeting cards to our Kith and Kin for various occasions in a year.We usually go for cards which are flashy and have catchy words on them.These cards are mainly printed by multinationals like HALLMARK,ARCHIES etc. The amount we all spend on cards is enormous. If each of us buy 10 cards approx. in a year(costing Rs.20 each),then a group of 1000 buys cards for 2 lakhs a year.A large chunk of this profit(approx 1.5 lakhs)goes to those MNCs like HALLMARK,ARCHIES etc. To boost cards' sales, these MNCs have introduced days for everybody 'Father's day','Mother's day','Friend's day' etc. So, to wish our kith and kin,we give an amount to those MNCs. Instead of buying these cards, why don't we go for cards which are published by Service organizations like 'HELPAGE', 'CRY', 'UNICEF' etc.These cards surely don't carry flashy colours and catchy words,but they carry human feelings in them. With each card u buy, you feed a child, educate him/her and try to build a better citizen of future India.By buying these cards,we also get the satisfaction of helping the people in need,apart from. Wishing our friends and relatives. So,when the next time you go out to buy a card,please have a thought. This thought could make a big difference in someone's Life.

Everything is in our hands.. Let us show them 'WE CARE'


Udavum Karangal
Udavum Karangal in tamil means helping hands. Udavum Karangal is an NGO that cares and shelters the most unfortunate persons, who include abandoned babies, orphaned children, psychiatric patients, terminally ill and dying destitute, aids victims, persons in distress, physically handicapped and mentally retarded & spastic children. This organisation is funded exclusively by public contributions and is run by pappa Vidyakar, assisted by a dedicated team of full time volunteers who work round the clock.

Udavum Karangal

CRY stands for Child Relief &You... in words. In spirit, it stands for much more, it stands for hope, for a need to change what must be changed, for collective action by individuals and organisations, for the rights of the Indian child who is born with no one but us to give it life.


I would be personally thankful to you, if you could contribute something towards the welfare of your fellow human beings.

"Selfless Help to the Needy is more Sacred than Prayer"
Thankyou for your patience and kindness.